Chairman of SPIC Qian Zhimin Conducted Site Investigation and Inspection at Three Companies in Pingwei

From 27 to 29 March, Chairman of SPIC Qian Zhimin conducted a site investigation and inspection at Pingwei Power Plant, Pingwei Power Plant No. 2 and Pingwei Power Plant No.3.

Qian Zhimin conducted an in-depth site investigation and inspection on the steam turbine operation platform, control room, operation control room of Pingwei Power Plant No.3, electrical high-voltage experiment class, training centre, corporate culture showroom, in order to learn about the operation of machines and the safety culture. He also visited the front-line staff and talked with them.

Qian Zhimin highly recognised the outstanding contribution of these three companies for the development of China's power industry, and expressed his appreciation for the hard work of the staff. Qian Zhimin said, it is necessary to learn and uphold the spirit of the 19th National Congress, Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the two congress while facilitating progress in each task by keeping an eye on new demand in this new era and adopting a pragmatic approach; to work with enterprises for the reform and make use of the advantages they possessed to advance the development of the reform so as to encourage safe production and improve operating performance; and to enhance the building of a capable management team and join forces to make greater contribution to building a world-class integrated energy company.

Qian Zhimin remarked at the staff meeting, the core of a good company is to believe in, depend on and benefit the staff because they are the creator of our corporate history and the future of our company, and it is necessary to build a normal mechanism to foster the growth of staff, which is our advantage as a state-owned company.

Yu Bin, Chairman of the board of directors of China Power, who also joined the site investigation and inspection, indicated, the visit of chairman Qian Zhimin has demonstrated the strong support from SPIC to China Power. In the face of the new environment, Yu Bin hoped Pingwei Power Generation Company could insist on the production, operation and management of machines to further promote the transformation and achieve new milestone.

Relevant management members of SPIC and China Power also participated in the site investigation and inspection.