Zhongdian Zhihui's Small Multifunctional Complementary Zero Emission Power Supply Trial System Passes Research Evaluation

On 20 May, Zhongdian Zhihui Comprehensive Energy Limited, a subsidiary of China Power, organised the research evaluation conference for the small multifunctional complementary zero emission power supply trial system at Yan Qing Yuan, Zhongguan Village, Beijing. Hydrogen energy experts from Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Aerospace 101 Institute and other universities, and executives from the Development and Reform Committee of Yanqing, Economy and Information Commission and Beijing Yanqing Power Supply Company were invited to the conference.

Zhongdian Zhihui intends to establish a small multifunctional complementary zero emission power supply trial system near Yan Qing Yuan, Zhongguan Village, for Beijing Winter Olympics. It is a wind power, solar power and hydrogen energy integrated power supply system with energy storage function, mainly used for the research on technologies such as coordination and control of multifunctional complementary integrated energy system. As one of the hydrogen energy transportation infrastructures in Yanqing upon commissioning, the system will have a hydrogen supply capacity of 500kg/day and can provide fuel injection service for over 300,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles per day.

At the conference, the project was highly recognised by the expert panel. The expert panel said that the project is in line with the overall requirement for China's new energy industry, the actual situation of the hydrogen energy market in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hubei area, and the low carbon strategy for 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics and therefore can create huge social and technological benefits and will be a good demonstration for other hydrogen energy projects in the area in the subsequent period. The representatives of the Yanqing Committee said that Beijing Winter Olympics required the use of hydrogen-powered bus and as one of the supporting areas Yanqing recognised the importance to facilitate the execution of the relevant task to ensure hydrogen infrastructure can be put into operation as scheduled for the Winter Olympics.

As part of its future plan, Zhongdian Zhihui will expedite the construction and application of the relevant hydrogen-powered transportation and will actively promote the development of integrated energy and smart energy.