China Power Holds General Meeting in Hong Kong

China Power held the annual general meeting on 6 June in Hong Kong. The meeting was chaired by Tian Jun, executive director and president of China Power, and attended by Guan Qihong and Wang Xianchun, both non-executive directors, and Kwong Che Keung, Gordon, Li Fang and Yau Ka Chi, all independent non-executive directors.

At the annual general meeting, seven resolutions in relation to the adoption of the audited consolidated financial statements, reports of the board of directors and the auditor for 2018, payment of dividend for 2018, re-election of retiring directors and re-appointment of auditor were passed.

At the general meeting, the resolution in relation to the renewal of the Financial Service Framework Agreement with SPIC was passed by voting and SPIC will continue to provide financial services to China Power for a term of three years. The passing of the resolution will help improve China Power's capital utilization efficiency and reduce its financial expenses.

Tian Jun, executive director and president of China Power, and Shou Rufeng, vice president of China Power, exchanged their views on certain issues with shareholders at the meeting. Independent shareholders gained a better understanding of the company's operation and development strategy.