Elementary Workers of Yaomeng Power Generation Were Honored as "Chinese Workers Pioneer"

The other day, Yaomeng Power Generation Company received certificates and medals from All-China Federation of Trade Unions, honoring team four, unit three of the power generation and operation department of the company as "Chinese Workers Pioneer". On 2 July, the leaders of the company arrived at the production site to license the team and express their condolence.

"Chinese Workers Pioneer" is the highest collective honor with deep meaning and great responsibility. Leaders of Yaomeng Power Generation Company encouraged the team members to make continuous efforts on the basis of this outstanding achievement, achieve further merits based on the job position, give full play to the role of a model, and develop every work to the next level.

The team four, unit three of the power generation and operation department of the company was also awarded as the outstanding team of "the Safety and Health Cup Competition", "Workers' Pioneer" in Henan Province, the "Advanced Group of the Safety and Health Cup Competition" in Pingdingshan City and "Advanced Group for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction". With the aim of "striving for every day and doing everything well", this team has strictly enforced the system to guarantee safety, took responsibilities and active actions, intensified training effectiveness for prevention, conducted labor competition to promote energy saving and consumption reduction, and consolidated the team foundation through innovative management for years. At the same time, the team also created a harmonious team through multiple channels and built a talented team that is willing to, capable of and good at tackling the difficulties.

As acknowledged, since the team one, unit three of the power generation department of the company was awarded as the "Chinese Workers Pioneer" in 2012, the company has already had two teams awarded as the "Chinese Workers Pioneer".