Wuhu Power Generation Company Conducted Training on Safety, Health and Environmental Management Information System

On 29 July, Wuhu Power Generation Company organized and conducted the pre-launch training of relevant systems according to the system promotion plans in order to ensure the successful publication and application of the safety, health and environmental management information system of China Power.

The training, divided into four sessions, was carried out in the multi-media classroom of the training center of the Company, and each session lasted one and a half days. To achieve the full coverage, all departments of the Company totally arranged 114 people including department heads, safety management personnel at all levels, technical management personnel of various departments, team leaders, team technicians, part-time team security officers and team members to participate in the training. The teacher introduced various modes according to the needs of different teams, interacted with the trainees and taught them the operating techniques hand-in-hand.

The system pre-launch training finished on 1 August. As advised by some monitors, the company will conduct two additional sessions of training for employees in the working teams after the launch of system.