China Power Organises Tour of Large Achievement Exhibition Celebrating China's 70th Founding Anniversary

China Power's Beijing office organised a tour for its more than 50 cadres of the Beijing Exhibition Center, where they participated in the "Great Journey with Grand Achievements – Large Achievement Exhibition Celebrating China's 70th Founding Anniversary" on 10 October.

On the themes of the opening up and development of China's special socialist road and the construction of a modern, socialist country, the exhibition demonstrated in a lively manner and fully recorded China's enormous changes and grand achievements in various areas over the past 70 years since its establishment in five parts – the preface hall, rising in the east, reforms and opening up, marching towards revival, and the right path – and through 150 sets of "New China First" case materials.

The dazzling array of pictures on display, physical models and video clips took the participants through a lengthy exhibition tunnel of time, where they were indulged in new China's magnificent history and felt touched and proud of their native country's seven decades of glittering chapters. This exhibition further strengthened the visiting employees' ideals and beliefs, to the point that many of them stated their desire to convert their patriotism into actual actions for workplace contributions and adopt higher standards in carrying out their work duties, so as to contribute their intelligence and powers to their motherland's development.