China Power's Two Management Innovation Results Receive First-class Awards from SPIC
Changshu Electric Power Generating Company's Self-developed Management System Obtains Work Registration Certificate by National Copyright Administration

The State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) announced its 2019 Award List for Management Innovation Results, on which two China Power projects claimed first-class awards and one a second-class award, on 29 September.

Two results from China Power won first-class awards from the SPIC. They were the Management Innovation Practice for World-based Commercial Sharing Model, jointly completed by China Power's finance department and Suzhou sharing centre; and the Power Generation Group's Innovation and Practice for Technical Supervision, Management and Evaluation System Based on Information Technologies, completed by Zhongdian Huachuang in conjunction with Beijing China Power Huizhi Technology Company Limited and China Power's electricity production and operation department.

On 14 October, Changshu Electric Power's self-developed Outsourcing Project and Contractor Management System was awarded a Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate by the National Copyright Administration. Developed by Changshu Electric Power for simplifying outsourcing projects and the contractor management processes, the project management system achieves full informatisation of outsourcing projects and widely covers multiple process management items including contractor qualification review, outsourcing project creation, outsourcing team assessment and work acceptance, considerably reducing time and costs for human management and enhancing the company's management efficiency. Formally launched in November 2018, the management system was completely self-developed by the company and has also received the China Power Innovation Award presented by the China Electricity Council.

In recent years, China Power, centring on the "Four Benchmarks" and aiming to become a major, world-class player in the clean energy arena, has vigorously implemented innovation-driven strategies, piloted the Management Regulations for Management Innovation Work, established the management innovation work mechanism, actively explored management innovation paths, inspired the its creativity, closely integrated its production and operations, and delivered a batch of management innovation results through reform development, realising excellent actual results.