Changshu Electric Power First-time Achieves "Zero Unplanned Downtime" for Entire Year

As of midnight on 1 January 2020, Changshu Electric Power had achieved "zero unplanned downtime" for all its six units in 2019, the first time for the company in its 26 years of establishment. This huge achievement is a result of the company seriously implementing China Power's annual electricity objectives, creating the "four benchmarks", executing its strategic plans, constantly perfecting its safety production management mechanism, building a highly skilled workforce and enhancing its production maintenance capabilities for breakthroughs.

In 2019, all of Changshu Electric Power's six units achieved 100 days' continuously safe operation for six times, in total generating 14.83 billion kWh in electricity and 2.582 million tons in heat supply and realising "zero incident, injury and death" regarding safety production and "zero assessment" with reference to environmental indices. Among them, No. 6 Unit achieved continuous operation for more than 521 days, which broke the group's MWh records and for which it was awarded the title of "1,000MW Benchmarking Unit", demonstrating the company's top-class unit maintenance and support capabilities. Up to 2019, the company had kept its title as "National Advanced Unit for Equipment Management in Power Industry" for 12 consecutive years.