Yaomeng Power Company Enables Heat Supply to Residents of Old Town in Pingdingshan

At 15:38 on 11 January, as its operators switched on the heating valve to stabilise steam supply pressure and flow, Yaomeng Power Company officially supplied heat to the old town in Pingdingshan City through the heating steam pipeline, enabling local users to enjoy the warmth brought by steam generated by the company.

In order to enhance the safety and reliability of its heat supply, in November 2019, the company and the city's heating group constructed the steam supply pipeline for the factory zone in sync with the central heating steam pipeline expansion project. Following two months' tight construction, both parties' steam pipelines were connected and officially commenced their heat supply on 5 January after thorough purging and trial operation.

In recent years, the central heating area in Pingdingshan City's urban region quickly expanded; however, owing to limited heat sources, the city's old town suffered from low heating steam pressure, thus unable to guarantee heating quality - a problem well solved by Yaomeng Power Company enabling heat supply to this region through the pipelines. To date, the company can supply heat to 4.8 million sq.m. in the urban area, which meets the heating needs of users in the new urban and old town areas of Pingdingshan City, further reinforcing the company's status as the city's central heat source.