Dabieshan Power Company's Worker Honoured with Title of "National Technical Expert"

In the middle of January, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced the results of the 14th Chinese Skills Awards and National Technical Expert Selection and Commendation Management Measures - Dabieshan Power Company's employee Peng Guangnan was honoured with the title of "National Technical Expert".

In 2018, Peng, on behalf of the company, participated in the China Skills Competition - the 11th National Power Industry Vocational Skills Competition (centralised watchkeepers) held by the China Electricity Council and obtained the second place as an individual, breaking the company's record in the best personal results of centralised watchkeeper skills competitions.

Praising the top 100 talents on a bi-annual basis, the "National Technical Expert" is an honorary title created in our country for excellent technical workers and an important component in its technical talent selection and commendation system.