China Power Safeguards Power Supply in Combating Epidemic

At around Spring Festival, the COVID-19 outbreak erupted. In face of a complicated and severe epidemic situation, China Power quickly started its Level 1 emergency response and early warning of health emergency by releasing the Notice on Further Strengthening Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Infection, establishing a leadership team and steering committee for COVID-19 prevention and control, and convening dedicated meetings, so as to formulate comprehensive epidemic prevention and control plans. Instead of letting their hair down, the company's departments and units stayed highly alert at all times and responded to the emergency with proper anti-epidemic measures, with its cadre employees all fighting on the front line while staying safe.

On 25 January, the first day of Lunar New Year, Dabieshan Power Company responded to the Hubei government's request for stable power supply during the epidemic by arranging manpower in the epidemic epicentre against all odds and swiftly turning on No. 2 Unit. On 27 January, Wuhu Electric Power received emergency calls from Anhui's dispatching centre to resume operation of the other unit after its idling for two days to ensure stable power supply; on 28 January, Changshu Electric Power urgently connected to the power grid its Nos. 4 and 5 units, operating four on-grid coal-fired units, including two GWh ones, to fully safeguard power supply…

During the Spring Festival period of 24 to 29 January, China Power fully operated a total of four sub-units (for emergency) and 20 large coal-fired units, when all of its employees stuck to their post to provide continuously stable power supply for the battle against the epidemic, manifesting its sense of responsibility as a state-owned enterprise.