Shanxi TV Special Report on Power Generation Guarantee Work of Shentou

In a report entitled "Unremitting Epidemic Prevention and Control to Ensue from Precise Work Resumption and Operation" in Shanxi TV News on 16 February, Shanxi TV gave positive comments on the achievements of China Power Shentou in the recent power generation efforts to secure epidemic prevention, which attracted extensive attention from society.

China Power Shentou is reported to have gradually resumed work while preventing and controlling the epidemic, making unremitting efforts in the operation and defect elimination of machine units to ensure the stable operation of generator units and effectively guarantee power supply. At present, Unit 1 is undergoing a complete overhaul and Unit 2 is operating to generate electricity. Power and heat supply is stable and orderly, providing a strong energy guarantee for the overcoming of the epidemic. Deputy General Manager Li Xuebo remarked in the interview that the company has meticulously planned for production through teleconferences and WeChat since the outbreak of the epidemic, which ensured the stable operation of machine units to the maximum extent and also effectively guaranteed power supply.

After the outbreak, the company conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of superior organisations. Adhering to the principle of fighting against the epidemic on the one hand and securing power generation on the other, it held seven special meetings for work assignment, formulated and executed 81 targeted prevention and control measures, established a scientific and efficient organisation system with well-defined responsibilities and behaviour norms, comprehensively strengthened the management of offices, production and construction sites, strictly controlled personnel access, implemented prevention and control measures such as disinfection and ventilation, and did well in the protection of personnel involved in power generation. Additionally, it provided necessary protection measures for on-the-job and on-duty personnel such as emergency guards, power generation operation staff, maintenance departments, and logistical support staff, laying a foundation for winning the epidemic prevention and control fight.