China Power Zhihui Gladly Certified as National High-Tech Enterprise

On 27 February, China Power Zhihui Comprehensive Energy Limited (CP Zhihui), a subsidiary of China Power, attained the certificate of High-tech Enterprise from the Science and Technology Commission of Yanqing District, Beijing City.

Since its establishment, CP Zhihui has always adhered to the development of high efficiency, cleanliness, diversification and intelligence, and conscientiously implemented the transformation and development strategy of China Power. With the care and support of China Power, CP Zhihui has made a series of achievements in the development of integrated smart energy projects, the applications of hydrogen energy technology, the research and development of a multi-energy flow energy management system, etc. Upon review by the Beijing High-Tech Enterprise Certification Group Office, CP Zhihui was successfully certified as a national high-tech enterprise on 2 December 2019, and the certificate was filed with the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Applicants for high-tech enterprise certification are subject to a range of strict requirements, as well as rounds of certification approval procedures in such aspects as qualifications, scientific and technological research and development capabilities, operational status and development capabilities. The successful certification of CP Zhihui is a sufficient recognition of its scientific and technological innovation and technological innovation capabilities.

For CP Zhihui, the certification will have a positive impact on further enhancing its visibility and credibility, improving market competitiveness, and gaining policy support from national and local governments in areas such as tax deduction and exemption.