China Power Commends Exemplary Individual Women for Meritorious Services

On 5 March, in celebration of the International Women's Day on 8 March, the China Power Labour Union announced the Decision to Commend Exemplary Individual Women for Meritorious Services for China Power and Power Generation for Epidemic Prevention. 20 excellent female employees with outstanding performance in production and operations as well as reform and development, especially during power generation for epidemic prevention and work resumption since the COVID-19 outbreak, were commended.

The 20 female individuals commended were excellent representatives of all female employees at China Power. Among them, there were on-duty operations and maintenance team members who work hard on the front line; financial team members who shoulder responsibilities for coordination; front-line CPC branch secretaries charging forward at critical moments; and political work officers insisting on writing to deliver positive thoughts.

During the critical period of power generation for epidemic prevention and work resumption this year, female employees work just as excellently as their male peers. They were seen on-site in the power generation equipment monitoring centres, on the front line performing disinfection and temperature measurement, in community support and volunteer services, and in charitable and donation events for epidemic-stricken areas. They faced up to challenges without fear of danger and diligently performed their duties, giving full play to the role of female employees to "hold up half of the sky", and contributing the strength to writing the most beautiful chapter.