Changshu Electric Power Achieves Fruitful Results in Technological Innovation by Obtaining Three National Patents

On 6 March, Changshu Electric Power, a subsidiary of China Power, received a letter from the National Intellectual Property Administration stating that three achievements in technological innovation by employees of the company were granted national utility model patents.

These three patents were A Reusable Valve Seat Extractor, Suction Fan Rotor Braking Device, and Special Heating Device for Grinding Roller Maintenance of Coal Mills, all of which were inventions independently designed and produced by front-line employees of the company through the research and absorption of advanced technologies in the industry in order to solve technological and maintenance process problems encountered in routine work. After practical applications and testing, it was confirmed that these patents could achieve the simultaneous improvement of maintenance quality, efficiency and safety, and could greatly reduce relevant maintenance costs.

In recent years, Changshu Electric Power has guided its production staff to establish innovation research teams relying on innovation studios in order to analyse and sort out technological problems and urgent difficulties at work, carry out targeted "Five Smalls" activities and quality control activities, constantly promote technological innovation of the enterprise, and consolidate the work of "Three Basics". The company now has four innovation studios, and has obtained more than 20 utility model patents. Over 60 innovation achievements have won honours above the provincial industry level.