China Power Commends Exemplary Organisations and Individuals for Fight against COVID-19

China Power announced the Decision to Commend Exemplary Organisations and Individuals in the Fight against COVID-19 on 9 March. Dabieshan Power and four other organisations were awarded the honourable title -- "Exemplary Organisations in the Fight against COVID-19", while Lu Kui at Pingwei Electric Power and other 57 employees were granted "Exemplary Individuals in the Fight against COVID-19".

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the headquarters, as well as all organisations of China Power have resolutely implemented various decisions and arrangements. Executives and employees shoulder their responsibility, fully perform their duties, and do all they can to secure power generation for epidemic prevention and actively promote work resumption. A large number of outstanding organisations and individuals have emerged. Among the 58 exemplary individuals commended, there were not only CPC members who charged forward and faced danger fearlessly, but also non-CPC employees who stuck to their duties and dedicated themselves to the front line of power generation. They, as members of the production and operations team, reform and development team, support team, and news and publicity team, insisted on fighting against the epidemic: on-duty staff in the operations and maintenance team worked hard on the front line to ensure the soundness of equipment; those in the support team protected the health of all staff of their company and provided supporting services; the operations management team executes tasks for epidemic prevention and work resumption; and members of the news and publicity team report on colleagues who fight against the epidemic. Through this commendation, China Power motivated executives and employees in the system to enhance their confidence about facing up to challenges. China Power members, as a whole, will safeguard our homeland, diligently perform our assigned duties, and strive to win the fight against COVID-19 and meet our targets for 2020!