Dabieshan Power Company Donates RMB1 million to Huanggang for Pandemic Response

On 12 March, Dabieshan Power Company made an RMB 1 million donation to Huanggang Charity Federation for pandemic response.

As a power generation and energy enterprise located in the most affected areas of the pandemic in Hubei, Dabieshan Power Company has been enhancing pandemic response management and control while striving to fulfil the power generation tasks. The company has been paying close attention to the development of the pandemic in Huanggang as well as Hubei and has actively undertaken the corporate social responsibilities in it. It has denoted masks to the Macheng People's Hospital, funds to Macheng pandemic response, protective clothing to Huanggang, and especially dedicated funds to Huanggang in its final battle against COVID-19. The donation shows the company's empathy with Huanggang people and its determination to curb COVID-19.