Yaomeng Power Company's Community Volunteer Service Totals 50,000 Hours

Since 31 January, Yaomeng Power Company's employees have been guarding the community in this pandemic by taking frontline community volunteer service positions in addition to their production work. The volunteer service totalled 50,000 hours, covering every community, every household, and every citizen, to ensure ‘zero infection’ in the communities.

To enhance community pandemic prevention and response, the company has actively cooperated with the local subdistrict offices and sent volunteers to five neighbouring communities for united pandemic response. During the united pandemic response, volunteers have done a good job in serving the residents and worked part-time as "delivery persons", "counsellors", "propagandists" and other roles in the communities with patience and care. Many residents in these communities expressed their support and gratitude for the volunteer service and brought small gifts.

On 13 March, Yaomeng Power Company received a thank-you letter from the neighbouring subdistrict office, which expressed their gratitude and respect for their effort in guarding the health and safety of over 8000 Yaodian community residents in the battle against COVID-19.