Changshu Electric Power Ranks First by Transaction Volume in SPIC

According to the SPIC Power Marketing Video Conference convened on 20 March, with its 8.79 TWh annual transaction volume in 2019, Changshu Electric Power Distribution Company ranked first among all SPIC subsidiaries.

As one of the first companies set up with distribution subsidiaries by Jiangsu Province and the Group, Changshu Electric Power has begun to participate in power distribution since 2017. Facing the intense competition in the electricity market in Jiangsu Province, the company has thrived with innovation in the marketisation of traditional coal-fired power companies under the leadership of China Power.

Since the establishment of its power distribution subsidiary, through proactive research and decision making, follow-up on market trend, and management mechanism revolution and adjustment, Changshu Electric Power has set up the first electricity distribution service hall in Jiangsu and the Group. In addition, it has adopted independent accounting by personnel, property, and material for the first time among its peers, and promoted the implementation of market-oriented performance mechanisms, which stimulated the creativity of the marketing team. With endeavour, Changshu Electric Power is building its distribution brand, taking up market resources and expanding user-side supporting services effortlessly. Among its peers, it was the first to establish power distribution channels through intermediary agencies and dedicated owners for zones, which has brought considerable revenue.

Since the launch of its electricity distribution business in 2018, Changshu Electric Power has been competing with several prominent provincial power sales companies as a power generation plant, yet with no setbacks. It has ranked among the top ones by winning volume in the province for two consecutive years and has won the trust of many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises including Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway and Bosch.