Construction of Dabieshan Power Company Phase II Expansion Project Resumes Comprehensively

Construction of Dabieshan Power Company Phase II Expansion Project officially resumed on 26 March.

Dabieshan Power Company is located in Huanggang, Hubei Province, a region following Wuhan in its impact by the pandemic. On 26 January, to cope with the pandemic prevention and control requirements, the company launched the dual-unit operation to meet with the power demands in Wuhan and was widely reported by TV stations and news agencies including CCTV and Xinhuanet for it.

The Phase II Expansion Project is a key project to support local economic and social development. Upon close communication and negotiation with the local government, and by strict implementation of the pandemic prevention and work resumption solution, the company lifted restrictions on project resumption one by one and promoted comprehensively construction resumption for the project. In early March, the company passed the pandemic prevention and control results and government supporting policies for production resumption on to the constructors, which relieved concerns of them for the pandemic. The company also coordinated with the government to clear path for job resumption and promoted job resumption through COVID-19 home tests and safety training examinations. Since 11 March, as constructors began to arrive, the company coordinated a pre-resumption security check among them to eliminate security risks. By 26 March, a total of 557 employees of various constructors have returned to their positions.