"Innovation" Drives "Outperforming": Changshu Electric Power's Annual QC Presents New Highlights

Changshu Electric Power strengthened to benchmark itself against advanced peers, actively researched and explored "new mechanisms", and achieved "three firsts" in the 2019 QC activities.

First, the QC team activity coaching group established for the first time played an important role. Since topic registration, the coaching group has checked the selected topics one by one and kept playing an active guiding role over the year.

Second, for the first time, there were mandatory and instructional topics. These topics were directly assigned by the company to the QC teams. They were closer to the company's major production and safe development requirements, and actually created benefits.

Third, operation and overhaul personnel formed a joint QC team for the first time to overcome difficulties. All QC teams worked together to tackle key problems and played their respective roles, opening up a new situation of problem-orientation and "QC by all personnel".

This QC release conference was rebroadcast by video to different branch venues in order to avoid the gathering of people and ensure that the QC activities were carried out with high quality as the COVID-19 pandemic was effectively prevented.