Fuxi Power Company Passes Annual QHSE Management System Review

From 13 April to 15 April, the expert team from Beijing Zhongan Zhihuan Certification Centre conducted annual supervision and review of the 2019 QHSE "Three Systems" of Fuxi Power Company and spoke highly of the system at the end of the review. This marked the company's success in passing the annual "Three Systems" supervision and review.

In 2019, in accordance with the standards and requirements of the "Three Systems", the company kept strengthening organisational management and policy development. Weak processes in safety, production, operations, project, and outsourcing management were improved in-depth and effectively under self-supervision, inspection, and monitoring. Moreover, in order to successfully pass the external review, the company also organised an internal review management appraisal to examine and correct existing problems itself in order to comprehensively improve the overall level of the "Three Systems".

In 2020, the company will continue to focus on the building of the "Three Systems" based on the supervision and review of the "Three Systems", further sort out and improve the company's management standards, strengthen execution, and strictly implement the standards in order to pass the "Three Diamonds" verification of the group company for HSE systems in 2020.