Pu'an Power Generating Company Pushes Forward with Technical Innovations, Showing Promising Initial Results

On 14 May, the Production Technology Department of Pu'an Power Generating Company completed the replacement of ball mill liners four days in advance of what was originally expected. The ball mills conducted desulphurization through the process of wet grinding and the professional and innovative maintenance method of combusting ash with sulphur helped reduce the previously heavy environmental pressure on its units massively and met compliances with the environmental emission standards.

Ever since the units were put into operation, the company's desulfurization equipment had received a lot of pressure from the release of sulphur from combusting coal for power generation, which had already been in continuous operation with a heavy load of coal supply. This resulted in the company's double units working under heavy-loaded operations. To lessen the impact of the environmental effects of flue gas desulfurization on the power generation by the units, the Production Technology Department adopted the professional and innovative maintenance method of combusting ash with sulphur. The department also implemented the replacement of steel balls, which enhanced process control. This method provides a more sustainable way of generating power which also helps to increase the safety of the units. These successful and innovative processes helped accumulate precious experience in the future replacement work for the ball mill liners.

In active response to China Power's message on further deepening innovative, effective and high-quality practices by employees, Pu'an Power Generating Company has been widely collecting rational suggestions from its staff, to meet the vision of China Power as well as creating a positive environment featuring a mentality of "possible innovation at any time, for anything and by anyone" to help employees strive for innovation.