Yaomeng Power Company First Receives National Patent for Joint Innovation

On 20 May, Yaomeng Power Company received a notice from the National Intellectual Property Administration notifying that a practical novelty patent was granted to the company for its joint innovation entitled "Falling Ash Sampling Tube", for which an advance notification had been issued on 15 May 2020.

Resulting from the first collaboration between Yaomeng Power Company's technological workers and a scientific research institute, the patent was jointly applied for by the company and CLP Huachuang Power Technology Research Co., Ltd. It took three years for both parties to go from declaration work and information collection to on-site testing, organizing information and finally to complete the patent application. Compared with existing technologies, the innovation has a side ash inlet, which, coupled with the ash field, makes the intake of ash smoother. It also separates external ash from humid air and increases the effectiveness of separating air and solid bodies, whereby ensuring the effectiveness, representativeness, and safety of ash acquisition.

In recent years, Yaomeng Power Company has ramped up its input in technological research and development based on its current position, actively explored production and operational optimisation, and shared its findings in technological essays and proposals, which were given multiple honours in both national and regional technology reviews and contests, with each of the related projects having huge promotional and application value and providing subsequent optimisation work with the certain reference value.