Yaomeng Power Company's New Technological Innovation Featured in Report by Regional TV Stations

Shortly before this year's National Science and Technology Workers' Day, the regional TV stations in Pingdingshan City of Henan Province featured a news report on Yaomeng Power Company's technological innovation. As a result, the company was honoured with the title of an "Advanced Unit Corporate-Tertiary Scientific Work" in Pingdingshan, an incredible achievement as the company had been honoured with the title for three consecutive years.

In its first cooperation with a scientific research institute in 2019, the company jointly applied for a practical novel national patent with the institute. The various departments started arrangements to commence quality control (QC) and management work, in which they registered 31 topics and successfully announced 26 of them, with an announcement rate of up to 83.8%; for its QC achievements, the company also received one third-class award for the national electricity industry, two provincial first-class awards, three provincial second-class awards, four city-level first-class awards, and two city-level second-class awards, signifying its employees had reached a new level of working innovatively. Meanwhile, the company successfully applied for the Supporting Team A of its Steam Turbine Equipment Maintenance Department and received the title of being a "Trusted Quality Control Team" in the province, while the sampling team of its quality testing centre was separately named the "Trusted Quality Control Team" in a regional level.

As the company's technological innovation representative, the Thermal Equipment Maintenance Department has always insisted upon having an innovative workshop as its platform, and its 32 primary QC teams announced their results one after another at the company's 2020 QC results conference. Since its first annual QC results conference in 2016, the company has been regarding the results of its QC work, its important annual work in its current stage, as supporting its long-term development for continuous improvement and innovation, to further upgrade its employees' technical abilities, ultimately facilitating its high-quality development.