Changshu Electric Power Generating Company Provides Special Training in "Smart Transformation"

On the morning of 5 June, two experts from SPIC Integrated Smart Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (国家电投综合智慧能源科技有限公司) arrived at Changshu Electric Power Generating Company by invitation to host a special training session entitled "Integrated Smart Energy".

Currently, Changshu Electric Power Generating Company has been banking on the strengths of the Jiangsu Changsu Economic Development Zone as an experimental plot by pushing forward with multiple integrated energy projects involving supporting facilities for the vicinity of urban railways, Global Data Solutions Limited's projects, rooftop photovoltaic installations, etc. The training will lay a foundation for the company's future digital and intelligent transformation and empower it with a strengthened workforce for its subsequent work.

The two experts presented a sophisticated talk on topics such as commercial models, development strategies of integrated smart energy projects and the functions of data centres in simple language, and conducted deep interactions with attendees.