Dabieshan Power Plant Ranks First in Two Regional Market Indicators in H1

In the first half of this year, Huanggang Dabieshan Power Co., Ltd. (Dabieshan Power Plant) ranked first in both unit price of coal procurement and generating equipment availability hours, compared with other power generation groups and the same type of generator sets in Hubei Province.

The company has improved its operations in both coal and electricity this year. In terms of the coal market, Dabieshan Power Plant closely monitored market changes, accurately grasped the pace of procurement, and exerted its full strength to control the delivery of coal at a high price agreed in the long-term agreement. Meanwhile, it purchased sulphur coal at a low cost and continuously tapped the potential of coal blending combustion. The blending ratio in the first half of the year exceeded 61%. Concerning the electricity market, the company delved into the study on new policies and rules, adjusted the existing power marketing strategies, and proposed new ones.

Moreover, it broke down power generation tasks to every shift daily, met the objectives of daily sales of electricity and time-phased sales of electricity, and strove to sell "each kilowatt-hour of electricity" generated. Its efforts proved to be worthwhile because it is the only power generation enterprise in Hubei Province that won the policy-based incentive of a 100h quota and only genset over 600,000kW in the province that is eligible for the power delivery plan of 105 million kWh.