Yaomeng Power Plant granted Outstanding Company at Hunan Provincial "Safe and Health Cup" Competition

On 20 July, Pingdingshan Yaomeng Power Co., Ltd. (Yaomeng Power Plant) was awarded the title of Outstanding Company at the 2019 Hunan Provincial "Safe and Health Cup" Competition, the Pingdingshan Federation of Trade Unions reported. It has won the honour for four years in a row.

Over the years, the company, through the "Safe and Health Cup" Competition and based on actual production, has vigorously improved the quality of staff in knowledge, skills and innovation and completed key tasks both efficiently and orderly. In 2019, it further perfected the mechanism of the "Safe and Health Cup" Competition. The competition plan was developed at the beginning of the year so that it would run through the year. The "Meritorious and First-class Services" Employee Skill Competition and the Summer Peak Load "Safe and Health Cup" Labour Competition were held in the same year, covering a total of seven items. 1,220 employees participated in the events and achieved good results, further consolidating the foundation for safe production.

In 2019, the company steadily improved its safe and eco-friendly production and operated safely for 4,245 consecutive days. Besides, its efforts on environmental protection were highly recognised by the Special Supervision Team of the Henan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China.