Changshu Power Plant Won the Honorary Title of Power Enterprise with Grade 5A Good Standardization Activities

On January 6, 2021, CEC issued a notice (CEC Standard [2021] No. 3), announcing the list of enterprises that were evaluated and confirmed as 2020 National Enterprises with Good Standardization Activities, and reported the list to Standardization Administration and National Energy Administration. Changshu Power Plant won the honorary title of Power Enterprise with Grade 5A Good Standardization Activities.

Under the sponsorship of National Energy Administration, CEC has been entrusted to organize the "Good Standardization Activities" campaign of power industry, with an aim to enhance the comprehensive management, improve efficiency, save production costs, and support and guarantee the achievement of strategic goals of power enterprises through the effective implementation of standardization work and the effective operation and continuous improvement of the standard system.

The "Good Standardization Activities" campaign covers the fields of power generation, power supply, power construction, power research, etc. A total of 33 enterprises were awarded 4A or above honorable titles this time.