Changsha Energy Smart Operation Technology Innovation Center Project Was Approved

Recently, Changsha Energy Smart Operation Technology Innovation Center ("the Center"), a project of Wuling Power Corporation, was approved by Changsha Science and Technology Bureau, which will give financial support to the Project in the form of post-facto subsidy. So far, Wuling Power Corporation has preliminarily established a diversified sci-tech innovation platform, in addition to a postdoctoral workstation, a provincial smart hydropower engineering technology center, and the SPIC Hydropower Industry Innovation Center.

The Center is a sci-tech innovation R&D platform focusing on the R&D and application of advanced technologies and key common technologies in the industry, aiming at promoting the transformation of sci-tech achievements into productivity, cultivating a number of leading enterprises and driving the growth and development of a number of small- and medium-sized sci-tech enterprises. Wuling Power Corporation has planned the Project, made application in July 2020, passed the on-site verification in October 2020 and completed the on-site defense and public announcement in December 2020. The Project was approved in early January 2021.

The Center is oriented towards the smart operation of power generation enterprises and the comprehensive and efficient application of various energy sources, uses the cutting-edge technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, mobile Internet, smart cities, block chain and 5G, to promote the construction of industrial Internet, and researches the smart construction and operation control of energy industry and the common and key technologies of new solar power sources, new energy and new materials to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional power industry, improve quality and efficiency, realize the comprehensive utilization of multiple energy sources, and provide safe, clean, economic and efficient energy services for local economic development.