Wuhu Power Plant Won an Annual Market Transaction Electricity of 3,566 GWh

In the bilateral direct transaction of electricity of Anhui Province for 2021, Wuhu Power Plant successfully won a feed-in electricity of 3,566 GWh, equivalent to a power generation of 3,766 GWh, and the average transaction tariff the highest in Anhui Province. Wuhu Power Sales Company ("the Company") affiliated to Wuhu Power Plant will sell 1,390 GWh of electricity while meeting its own demand, and thus has laid a solid foundation for achieving the goal of the power generation and the improvement of corporate profitability of the year.

In the electricity marketing work in 2021, the Company will insist on "one kWh matters", keep an eye on the changes of market transactions, pay attention to and analyze the policy guidance of Anhui Energy Bureau and Anhui Power Trading Center in advance, predict the market situation, adjust the trading strategy in time, provide the customers with long-term direct power transaction, policy interpretation, electricity consumption forecast adjustment and optimization, direct transaction energy tariff settlement, full coverage of heat supply and other services, and continue to consolidate its marketing model in order to ensure the rise of both electricity and tariff.

In the next step, the Company will continue to consolidate the achievements of the standardized construction, always keep market and customer-oriented, change the service concept and innovate marketing channels. Meanwhile, the Company will strengthen the communication and cooperation among all departments, adhere to the principle of organizing power generation according to the maximization of marginal revenue, optimize the energy structure and improve the revenue per unit of power generation.