Datong Smart PV Control Center Was Put into Service

On February 1, 2021, Datong Smart PV Control Center ("the Center") was officially put into service as Datong CP's first data management platform, which has met the first-stage target in real-time monitoring, and made an important step in digital management.

As a specialized clean energy management unit of China Power in Shanxi Province, Datong CP has seven PV power stations in operation with a total installed capacity of 730 MW. In order to effectively improve the professional management and operation management, Datong CP has organized competent technical forces to build the Center with top quality.

The Center will greatly improve the "unmanned or less manned operation and regional maintenance and inspection" of the PV power stations, and realize the whole process monitoring, acquisition, storage and analysis of operating data of the systems and equipment in the stations, so as to reduce the production and management costs, and help the company improve quality and increase efficiency thanks to digital application.