Anhui Company Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Anhui Agricultural Reclamation Group

Recently, Anhui Company signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Anhui Agricultural Reclamation Group, to implement the "Friendship Action" plan of SPIC, vigorously promote the external cooperation in the new stage and new pattern, continuously expand the "circle of friends", and develop a new situation of integrated intelligent energy.

According to the agreement, both parties will combine their respective advantages and further cooperate in "green agriculture" and "green energy" to create a "double green project" demonstration. In particular, with a focus on Huayanghu Farm and Longgang Farm, both parties will cooperate on new energy projects, and provide direct power supply to key accounts and integrated intelligent energy services, thus reducing the energy costs of agricultural products processing enterprises of Anhui Agricultural Reclamation Group.

Anhui Agricultural Reclamation Group is the only enterprise owned by the government of Anhui Province for agricultural production, and is currently the largest state-owned agricultural enterprise in Anhui Province, having 20 agricultural (tea, fruit) farms in Anhui Province, 9 wholly-owned or holding companies for seed production, tea production, agricultural products processing and marketing, agricultural services, etc., and 8 overseas farms in Zimbabwe with a contracted land area of 7.5 million mu, of which a total land area of 108,000 mu has been reclaimed.