Xinrong 100 MW Affordable PV Project of China Power Datong Photovoltaic is Connected to the Grid at Full Capacity

At 10: 00 on April 9, with the last sub-array connected to the grid, Xinrong 100 MW Affordable PV Project of China Power Datong Photovoltaic is connected to the grid at full capacity, marking all projects undertaken by China Power in response to the "Youpeng Campaign" of the Group are put into operation successfully.

The Xinrong cooperative PV project is jointly developed, invested in and constructed by China Power and Xi'an LONGi Clean Energy Co., Ltd. The project was commenced on July 15, 2020, and has a planned capacity of 100 MW in Phase I. It is located in Shangshenjian Township, Xinrong District, Datong City, Shanxi Province, and covers an area of 5084 Mu. It is planned to include eight 2.5 MW and 40 2.0 MW arrays, employ bifacial half-cell monocrystalline silicon modules produced by LONGi Solar, and have a peak power of 440 Wp. Adopting the "forest-light complementarities model" and employing the effect of "one land for dual uses and ecological restoration", it is designed to build photovoltaic facilities on the idle land in coal mining subsidence area of Datong City to promote the green transformation of local economy with green and clean energy.

Next, Datong Photovoltaic will continue to follow the guiding idea of new energy development and perform the construction of the current Xinrong 600 MW project (Phase II), striving to make Xinrong Phase II a benchmark project in northern Shanxi or even the entire Shanxi Province.