He Xi Met a Team Led by Shan Zefeng, the Chief of Ninghe District, Tianjin, and Witnessed the Signing of a Strategic Cooperation Agreement Between the Two Sides

In the morning of April 13, He Xi, the New Energy Chief Engineer of SPIC and the Board Chairman and President of China Power, met a team led by Shan Zefeng, the Chief of Ninghe District, Tianjin in the Head Office, and witnessed the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between China Power and Ninghe District.

The two sides stated that under the background of "3060 carbon target", they would work jointly to promote business cooperation in the fields of clean energy base, green hydrogen energy, circular economy, smart energy, clean energy supply, etc. and establish a closer and more stable strategic cooperative relationship in order to promote the development and transformation of China Power and assist Ninghe District in energy structure adjustment, traditional industry upgrading, and ecological environment protection, trying to build a livable ecological new city in Ninghe District, achieve the target of regional carbon neutrality as soon as possible, and build the "Ninghe example" of high-quality development.

Finally, Zhao Yonggang, the Vice President of China Power, and Hui Bing, the Executive Deputy Chief of Ninghe, Tianjin, signed the strategic cooperation agreement as representatives of the two sides under the witness of He Xi and Shan Zefeng.