Strategic Cooperation between CPID and Astronergy

On April 25, 2021, Mr. He Xi, Chief Engineer (New Energy) of SPIC, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of CPID, met with Mr. Lu Chuan, Chairman of Astronergy, and his delegation, and attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between both sides at the headquarters of CPID.

Mr. He welcomed the visit of Mr. Lu and his delegation, and briefly introduced the new energy development and future development goals of SPIC and CPID, and expressed his gratitude to Astronergy for supporting the new energy development of CPID. Mr. He said that CPID had a wide scope of cooperation with Astronergy in implementing the action plan for peaking carbon dioxide emissions and could carry out extensive cooperation in PV power generation, incremental power distribution network, energy storage, new energy and rural revitalization, and CPID could give full play to the financing advantages of the red-chip platform to provide financial support for the cooperation between both sides and promote the transformation and development of CPID.

Mr. Lu introduced the development history of Astronergy and gave a brief introduction to its power stations, engineering, manufacturing, household PV and operation and maintenance, hoping that by taking this opportunity, both sides would join hands, deepen cooperation, establish a close and stable strategic partnership and jointly promote the development of new energy projects.

In the presence of Mr. He and Mr. Lu, CPID and Astronergy signed a strategic cooperation agreement.