Agreement on Integrated Intelligent Energy Project Development between China Power (Shenyang) and Government of Chaoyang County

On May 12, 2021, China Power (Shenyang) Energy Investment Co., Ltd. and the Government of Chaoyang County signed the Agreement on Integrated Intelligent Energy Project Development in Chaoyang County. The signing of the Agreement is an important step for China Power (Shenyang) to promote the development of integrated intelligent energy projects in the local county and lock high-quality county demonstration projects, as well as an important link to promote the implementation of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed between SPIC and Chaoyang Municipal Government on April 20, 2021.

At the ceremony, both sides jointly decided to accelerate six integrated intelligent energy projects such as Chaoyang County Government Office Building Project according to the pre-acquired information. Both sides decided to build a "10 billion" intelligent energy benchmark county by promoting the development of rural revitalization and improving people's well-being, helping Chaoyang County to build a "carbon neutrality" benchmark city in the province, and promoting CPID's efforts to be a world-class clean energy enterprise.