First National Invention Patent of Zhongdian Huachuang

Recently, Zhongdian Huachuang was first granted the invention patent of "A Life Evaluation Method for Epoxy Mica Insulation of Generator Stator Bar" by China National Intellectual Property Administration, achieving a breakthrough of invention patent.

The patent is based on the "Research on the Life Prediction Method of F-class Insulation of Stator Coils of Turbine Generators" developed by CPID. The technicians proposed a method to establish a life prediction model of stator winding insulation by combining experiments and theoretical models, basically solving the current problem that the life of stator winding insulation cannot be quantitatively evaluated. The research results are of great importance for the generator manufacturers to improve the manufacturing process of insulation and the aging state assessment and life management of turbine generators in thermal and nuclear power plants.

The granting of this invention patent not only facilitates the protection of intellectual property rights, but also provides a strong support to improve the core competitiveness.