Strategic Cooperation between CPID and Easyhome

On May 20, 2021, Mr. He Xi, Chief Engineer (New Energy) of SPIC, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of CPID, met with Mr. Luo Xi'an, Chairman of Easyhome Business Development Co., Ltd., and his delegation, and attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between both sides at the headquarters of CPID. Ms. Xu Wei, Vice President of CPID, signed the agreement on behalf of the company.

Mr. He welcomed the visit of Mr. Luo and his delegation, introduced in detail the achievements made by SPIC and CPID in clean energy development in recent years, and explained the national policy guidance and CPID's clean development ideas around the carbon trading market and power market development in the context of "peak carbon dioxide emissions" and "carbon neutrality" (the "3060" carbon targets) in combination with the current energy development situation.

Mr. Luo expressed his appreciation for the development achievements of CPID, introduced in detail the development history, business model, competitive advantages and future development ideas of Easyhome, and was looking forward to the in-depth cooperation with CPID in many fields.

Both sides also had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the future cooperation direction and cooperation scenarios, and reached a consensus on cooperation. Both sides expressed that they would take the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to set up a special team as soon as possible, and to focus on achieving the "3060" carbon targets, make full use of their respective market and resource advantages, carry out in-depth cooperation in various fields such as smart stores, clean and efficient energy use, property services, carbon trading, etc., promote the implementation of projects as soon as possible, establish a close and stable strategic cooperation relationship, promote the green and sustainable development of both sides and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.