Mr. He Xi Meets with Mr. Zheng Zepeng and His Delegation

On May 28, 2021, Mr. He Xi, Chairman and President of CPID and Chief Engineer (New Energy) of SPIC, met with Mr. Zheng Zepeng, GM of China Reform Capital Limited and Chairman of China Reform Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. at the headquarters of CPID.

Mr. He welcomed Mr. Zheng and his delegation and introduced the installed capacity, profitability, strategic development and transformation measures of CPID. Mr. He said, as the main force of new energy development, CPID would firmly implement the "3060" carbon targets and further increase the proportion of new energy assets, hoping that both sides would give full play to their respective advantages and achieve win-win cooperation.

Mr. Zheng expressed his gratitude for the support given by CPID to China Reform, and briefly introduced the development background of China Reform Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and the achievements, development ideas and service advantages in the past five years since its establishment. Mr. Zheng expressed his hope that the two sides would further strengthen cooperation on the basis of the existing cooperation on the group shareholder level, and that China Reform Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. would give full play to its own characteristics of serving central enterprises and differentiated services, provide specific products and solutions to meet the needs of CPID, and provide more support and services for the clean energy transformation development of CPID.