Dabieshan Power Generation Company Wins National Unit Efficiency Benchmarking Competition

Recently, China Electricity Council (CEC) announced the results of the efficiency benchmarking of thermal power units for 2020, and Units 1 and 2 of Dabieshan Power Generation Company were awarded Benchmarking AAAA and Benchmarking AAA for 600 MW supercritical water-cooled condensing units, respectively. The Company has achieved good results in the benchmarking of energy efficiency of thermal power units for 12 consecutive years.

For a long time, the Company has insisted on benchmarking management, focusing on finding problems and investigating deficiencies, closely combining with daily operation management and equipment maintenance, carrying out operation optimization, energy saving and emission reduction, cost control and other work, and always keeping the unit operation in an economic and stable state. The Company has also taken advantage of the "Research Meeting on Efficiency Benchmarking of Central Enterprises in Electric Power Industry" organized by SASAC to summarize and refine energy-saving renovation and efficiency benchmarking measures.