Dahuaishan Wind Farm Successfully Included in National Tariff Subsidy Catalogue

On May 31, 2021, Phase II of Dahuaishan Wind Farm passed the audit for the national renewable subsidy catalogue, so that the total 200 MW capacity of Dahuaishan Wind Farm was officially included in the national tariff subsidy catalogue.

On November 18, 2020, the General Office of China's Ministry of Finance issued the circular concerning accelerating the work related to the audit of the renewable subsidy projects. According to the relevant requirements, enterprises are required to apply for tariff subsidies, and the grid enterprises determine and regularly publish the list of eligible renewable subsidy projects.

CPID has attached great importance to the work, and immediately set up a working group on renewable energy tariff subsidy to carry out application work. The construction of Phases I & II of Dahuaishan Wind Farm is in compliance with the law and has complete procedures and acceptable quality, all the wind turbines were put into operation within the given time, and there were no bad records in the process of construction. The wind farm is qualified for application for tariff subsidy. Phases I & II of Dahuaishan Wind Farm have been successfully included in the national renewable subsidy catalogue, to ensure the operational benefits of the wind farm and help CPID continue high-quality development.