Joint Inspection of Flood Control in Changzhou Reservoir Area

In order to do a good job in the flood season, check the flood control hazards in the reservoir area, and strengthen the communication with the local governmental flood control agencies, Changzhou Hydropower Company had pre-flood communication and discussion with the flood control departments of Guiping City, Pingnan County, Tengxian County, and set up a joint inspection working group to carry out on-site inspection of the reservoir area.

The working group went into the key parts of the reservoir area to understand the operation of the equipment in detail, and checked the actual situation of water retaining buildings, supplies and flood control duty. The working group also negotiated and reached a consensus on specific issues such as the content and way of flood control information reporting.

The joint inspection shows that Changzhou reservoir flood control has been fully integrated into the local flood control system, strengthening the coordination between the government and the company, improving the flood control emergency response plan, and laying a solid foundation for this year's flood control work.