Shangqiu CHP Power Generation Company Launches Publicity Activities on World Environment Day

In order to raise employees' awareness of ecological environmental protection and mobilize them to establish a green and low-carbon lifestyle, Shangqiu CHP Power Generation Company actively cooperated with Shangqiu Ecological Environment Bureau to hold the Shangqiu Environmental Protection Century Walk and the "June 5" World Environment Day Publicity Launching Ceremony on June 5, 2021.

The activities have the theme of "man and nature in harmony" and popularize ecological and environmental laws and regulations to the public by means of slogans, panels and leaflets, to guide the masses to practice the concept of green development, from the small things around us, participate in environmental action, protect the environment and build a beautiful home.

During the activity, the company's professional staff seriously introduced in detail the power generation process, the construction and operation of environmental protection equipment and facilities, and the measures for environmental protection and emission reduction, and answered questions for the local residents. The publicity activities are an important step for the company to actively fulfill its social responsibility. By promoting energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection governance measures and other related environmental knowledge, the company advocates the public to establish a healthy awareness of environmental protection, practice the concept of green low-carbon lifestyle, and enhance the awareness of environmental protection.