Wuqiangxi Hydropower Plant Conducts Special Production Safety Inspections

Recently, the relevant leaders and personnel of Wuling Power Corporation Limited visited Wuqiangxi Power Plant and the Expansion Project Department for special production safety inspections.

The team inspected the production areas such as powerhouse, central control room, waterwheel room and dam crest, and the expansion construction areas such as excavation pit and intake, and learned in detail about the production safety, flood control, HSE system promotion and project construction, focusing on supervision of the implementation of production safety accountability system, the inspection and assessment of basic protection safety capability, the construction of double-prevention mechanism, and the guarantee of safe power generation during key hours.

The team fully affirmed the achievements of Wuqiangxi Power Plant and the Expansion Project Department in terms of its safe production, project construction, flood control and others in the previous stage, and put forward requirements for the hydropower plant in the current and next stages: 1) ensure safe power generation; 2) ensure safe flood control, and enhance the awareness of risk prevention and control to fully prepare for extreme weather conditions and rainstorm floods, as well as to ensure the reliability of equipment and facilities and the effectiveness of the early warning system; 3) strengthen the protection of equipment such as dam gate hoists, include extreme weather prevention into the routine work, and focus on improving the pre-control of and emergency response to severe weather risks; 4) coordinate the monitoring and maintenance of equipment, the construction of HSE system, the civilized construction on site and other key tasks, and ensure the orderly advancement of all work.