CPID Visits Jianlong Group

On June 11, 2021, Mr. Xue Xinchun, Vice President of CPID, led a delegation to the headquarters of Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Jianlong Group), and met with Mr. Zhang Zhixiang, Chairman of Jianlong Group.

Mr. Xue introduced to Mr. Zhang the basic situation of SPIC and CPID. Mr. Xue said that CPID is one of China's first energy enterprises engaged in new energy and integrated smart energy, and has prominent advantages in technology, fund and management. He pointed out that the strategic cooperation between CPID and Jianlong Group and the active exploration and practice of the implementation path of low-carbon and clean heavy industry would definitely promote and accelerate the green transformation and upgrade of the steel industry, create a model of cross-industry cooperation and win-win situation, and boost the implementation of the "3060" carbon targets.

Mr. Zhang welcomed Mr. Xue and his delegation to the headquarters of Jianlong Group and introduced the basic situation, industrial distribution and development ideas of Jianlong Group. He said that Jianlong Group and CPID would play a leading role in their respective fields, jointly promote the steel industry to achieve carbon reduction and upgrade, and create a low-carbon intelligent industrial park and green industrial chain with coupling of low-carbon metallurgical technology and clean energy utilization, thus making positive contributions to the regional economy and society for green and sustainable development.