Shiwangudian and Majia Wind Farms Have Been Accepted for Environmental Protection and Soil and Water Conservation

Recently, Shiwangudian Wind Farm and Majia Wind Farm of Guangxi Power Generation Co., Ltd. have been accepted for environmental protection and soil and water conservation.

After carefully inspecting the site conditions and listening to the reports, the inspection team agreed that the construction of the wind farms had met the acceptance requirements for environmental protection and soil and water conservation facilities, and that the two projects passed the acceptance.

The Company always puts green wind power in the first place, strictly implements the "three simultaneousness" system for construction project during the construction process, strictly implements environmental protection measures and soil and water conservation measures during the construction and trial operation, and carries out water conservation and greening restoration work at the end of project construction as soon as possible, practicing the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets".