Fuxi Power Generation Company Concludes Trial Power Spot Settlement for 2021

Fuxi Power Generation Company obtained 77.44 GWh of unplanned generation quota through competitive bidding in the dry period power spot market for 2021, with the average market clearing price being 17.37 Chinese yuan/MWh, which is higher than the Company's basic tariff.

The trial operation of the dry period power spot market settlement for 2021 has a total of 61 days of market opening from March 26 to May 25, 2021. The Company carefully studied and judged the power market situation, carefully prepared the pricing scheme, actively participated in and timely optimized the proposal strategy, resulting in promising spot trading results were promising. The two- month power spot market practice has provided a good exercise for the spot trading team, improved the level of spot market bidding transactions, and at the same time accumulated rich trading experience in assessment and waiver, teamwork and industry self-discipline. The Company will carefully summarize the experience and lessons in this spot trading, and make sufficient preparation for better mastering and winning the market in the future.