Xishui Zhuwa PV Power Project Transmission Line Has Been Fully Connected

On June 20, 2021, the 110 kV transmission line of Xishui Zhuwa PV Power Project was fully connected, with the last key node completed for grid connection.

The 110 kV transmission line has 47 towers, 14.4 km long overhead lines and 500 m long incoming cables, crossing a total of 29 HV/LV lines, as the most difficult works with the longest construction period in the project. To ensure that the transmission line can be fully connected safely with top quality and on schedule, the Company completed in advance the formalities for land acquisition, planning, forestry survey and others, and assisted the construction contractors in compensation agreements on tower land occupation and all crossing procedures. In addition, on the basis of strict safety and quality control, the Company optimized the construction process and effectively promoted the construction progress, laying a solid foundation for grid-connected power generation.

Xishui Zhuwa PV Power Station is located in Zhuwa Town, Xishui County, Hubei Province, covering an area of about 1,400 mu, with a total installed capacity of about 66 MWp. At present, the main equipment of the power station has been basically installed and commissioned, and is in the process of acceptance before back energization.