CPID Anhui Branch Commissioned Phase I of Integrated Smart Energy Project in Xiaogang Village

On June 25, CPID Anhui branch successfully commissioned phase I of the beautiful village integrated smart energy project (combination of fishery and photovoltaic power generation) in Xiaogang Village.

The phase I of Xiaogang project includes ecological energy projects such as "Agri-PV" and ground source heat pump, smart facilities such as photovoltaic carport, charging station, smart street lamp and smart seat, and green industry projects such as photovoltaic pest control and photovoltaic hydroponic plant factory.

On the basis of the phase I project, the photovoltaic power capacity will be further expanded in phase II in order to optimize the operation mode of the project. Based on the current straw quantity and energy consumption in Xiaogang Village, we will promote integrated utilization of straw and central heat supply, and pilot the construction of a flexible-rigid photovoltaic sightseeing avenue. Efforts will also be made in "energy + agricultural" industrialization projects, high-standard construction of "Agri-PV" industrialization projects, carbon-based fertilizer reprocessing in combination with integrated utilization of straw, industrialization of photovoltaic hydroponics technology, and promotion of electrified and unmanned agricultural machineries.

After the project is completed, Xiaogang Village will achieve 100% clean energy consumption and heat supply, and the integrated utilization rate of crop straw, the coverage rate of domestic sewage treatment among farmers and the harmless treatment rate of domestic garbage will all reach 100%, thus building a "zero-carbon village". The project marks the true accessibility of integrated smart energy to thousands of households, creates a new form of energy structure that features safety, stability, greenness, efficiency and plural complementarism, builds a demonstration benchmark project for green development in rural area, and provides a good example of "beautiful village + smart energy" that can be replicated and promoted in the whole country.